Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!


○ I know someone who knew about Auxdeco by TV program, what program was it?
AuxDeco has been picked up in several TV programs and in magazines.
( See the details: “ News Clip ” )

○Is AuxDeco a daily use product ?
Unfortunately, there are no local governments recognize it as a daily use product yet. We, the employee, are working on the issue one by one like how to increase more users. Please get in touch with our company if you have any opinions about AuxDeco. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

○I feel uncomfortable to wear it on the forehead with the feeling how to be looked by others.
We are receiving the kind of opinions at the exhibition some time. The explanation is below why do you use the forehead. There are 20s and 30s ladies among AuxDeco users and some of them wear a hat deeply or wear a sun visor because of not the head band is shown so much. The miniature camera is attached to the below part of the headband surface side.

○Why do you use your forehead ?
We wanted the devise to be the substitution of the white cane for safe walk not only cutting off obstacle noises from important sound information for the visually repaired. And the forehead has the third sensitive part next to the fingertip and the tongue. The forehead has suitable space for the device. And having the sense of recognition of a shape that in same direction with a face, it gathers the sense of horizontal and vertical and distance. And beside them there are many other reasons to use the device attach to the forehead. I am sure of your acknowledgement of AuxDeco after wear it yourself for a walk outside with it.