Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!

About AuxDeco

AuxDeco uses substitution for sense organs technology to recognize a thing with a sense (the sense of touch) on forehead. A small camera built in a headband takes in view before the eyes of the person of wearing. …


A forehead sense perception device of the visually impaired
1.Photograph front with a miniature camera
2.Convert the picture which was photographed into electric stimulation …


○What is the contents of training course ?
One training course: 10 times of 2 hours course. The basic training course: 20 hours total After completed the educational basic courses, the authorized trainer gives you a person to person training. At the beginning of 3 or 4 times of getting along with the devise stimulation, you do the exercise for acknowledge the form and stimulation. Later at outdoor, by walking on the actual street, you have an exercise to find the way how to avoid the obstacle by walking or how to cross the street straight at the pedestrian crossing over and over again with some other exercises. We also have the course “ The training course at your house.”

○Where do I do the training at ?
As a generally, the place is at the Tokyo Ryogoku office or Nagoya office.
( see the access to the place )

○It is difficult for me to go to those places for getting the training.
You can use our visiting service “ The training course at your own place “.( Please understand to pay the transportation fees for the trainer by the customer )

○Is there anyone who can not pass the 20 hours training course ?
We hardly have anyone. But there are only few who can not finish the entire course sometime. In that case, get an advise from the trainer and family to do the additional training course. Additional training course: One course( 2 hours ) Fee: ¥12,600( with tax )


Process of the development.
Dr. Yonezo Sugano of the founder paid his attention to using the forehead of the visually impaired from the beginning in 1998 and continued studying it and acquired a patent by technique …


Approval of the management innovation plan of Tokyo .

In June 2014, we have received the approval of the management innovation plan of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Featured on TOKAI TELEVISION program in Japan.

Our product will be featured on TOKAI TELEVISION program at 18:15 of December 1, 2013.

Featured on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. program in Japan.

Our product will be featured on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. program at 18:15 of Nobember 25, 2013.