Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!

About AuxDeco

○ Is AuxDeco enable you to see?
Unfortunately it is not the device that you are able to see. However, you can sense a forward situation with a camera in substitution for eyes and convey outline to a forehead by electric stimulation and can shine. Since the forehead is a place we haven’t used before, training is necessary in order to be judged what the stimulation felt on a forehead is. Refer to the training. ( link to question Q&A_ training .doc which HP manuscript request _)We have the AuxDeco experience time for around two hours to show you how you can sense electric stimulation.

○ What kind of device AuxDeco is
We developed it as a walk assistance tool for the visually impaired. At an outdoor, it can find an obstacle and the step before a white walking cane touches and can find the existence of the object at height of a face and the chest which you cannot confirm with the white walking cane. Also it can sense a plane object because not using a supersonic wave but a camera. It can walk straight along a way and cross along the pedestrian road with no problem. In addition, it can walk without bumping people nor bicycle though it is hard to catch the sound information on a rainy day. Use of a AuxDeco and ear plus white walking cane secures three levels of safe outing where you might meet accident on station platform, a truck parked on the street, the manhole with no lid, on construction road.

○ Is it possible to sense objects and the state of the circumference with ears?
It is possible, but sometimes might misunderstand it, and there is the limit to some extent. The sound can be deleted by other big sounds and small object can be hard to recognize. It has something to do with age. It is hard to judge it in the place with much echo. You will be more relief and feel safer by confirming with sound information, AuxDeco and a white walking cane on a crowd or on a station.

○I can hardly go out because of backache and knee pain. Can I use it only in a house?
There are some people using only in a house. Please ask us if you would like to get training in a house.

○Do I have to change the way how to use and swing a white walking cane?
No, you don’t have to. Use it the same way as before. Please use and swing a white walking cane the same way the training teacher you. There is no influence to sense a forward situation with swinging it in front of you or beside body.

○ I am weak in the complicated operation.
AuxDeco has one switch and one dial. Turn it on with a switch, and adjust strength of the stimulation with a dial. Aged person can use it.

○ Can I try AuxDeco?
Of course you can. Experience course takes two hours and you can try it inside or outside of the house. We are willing to answer any question you have.
Please call: Tokyo office: 03-5819-1080 Nagoya office 052-589-6466

○Which is better to train with a white walking cane to exercise walking or training of AuxDeco first?
We recommend you to train with AuxDeco first.

○ Can even a child use it?
Older than school age (over 6 years old) can use it. AuxDeco is adjustable the strength of the electric stimulation by your choice. For the reason over six years old person can judge it. However we like you to ask us about the age because it depends on person’s maturity.

○ I have repetition impediment, but can I use it?
Among the one having use it, there are persons having the handicap with the hearing as well as sight. Depends on the degree of the impediment, please ask us directly..

○ What kind of thing is the electric stimulation?
It is stimulation such as the low frequency treatment device to use at the time of stiffness in the shoulders. Because a forehead is usually the place does not use like hands, it feels tickling at first time and rarely a pain , but comes to feel weaker on a titillation and the pain while on receiving training which is adaptable on a feeler. The strength of the stimulation can be adjustable, so there are persons who do not feel discomfort from the beginning.

○ Does not the electric stimulation influence the human body?
As for the electric stimulation, the human body does not have influence. Clinical experiment data and a technology article assures that electric stimulation with maximum voltage shall not burn the skin surface neither influence against contact area of nervous system. In addition, the voltage and an electric current obeys a guideline of American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and safety is proved by V.シーミノフ、doctor of the bio medical engineering department of Cleveland clinic of Ohio state, USA.

○ Is there the influence of the electromagnetic wave?
There is no influence of the electromagnetic wave.
① examined environment for the danger of influence on outside machinery and the danger of influence to AuxDeco movement from outside machinery and confirmed both cases cleared , no influence in inspection engine ㈱ EMC Japan.
But please avoid to use AuxDeco with such machinery like an artificial heart or pacemaker which is not guaranteed on influence by wearing position of AuxDeco.

○ Weak point of AuxDeco
A gloomy room and streetlight are not usable in the dark road at night. The brightness that a camera takes attached to a headband is necessary. When sunny and daytime with the sun back in the daytime, camera catches the shadow of oneself, telephone pole, a car and a bicycle. You do not have to worry about the situation of a shadow because it gradually comes to understand you the situation by training. Sweating is a weak point. By sweating on a forehead in midsummer, you might feel stimulation weaker. When it happens, take off a headband once and wipe off sweat, you can feel stimulation again. It is difficult to wear AuxDeco while running marathon, sports to sweat. Before playing sport, please wear AuxDeco.