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Investor Relation

The Eye PlusPlus Co. is not listed on the stock Exchange market inside and outside the country. Eye PlusPlus Co. has not published stocks by the articles of association of our company. The transfer of stocks needs the approval of the board of directors. The Eye PlusPlus Co. received the investment from the EPP investment business limited partnership but the member of an association registered itself as our stockholder by request because EPP was dissolved on Dec. 25, 2009.

Information about the expectation of our company is mentioned in website and or in company information booklet about the prospect or the company profile of Eye PlusPlus Co. Ltd. Existing intellect or an unknown risk and factors such as the uncertainty are inherent in Eye PlusPlus Co.. supposes based on available information and judge the description about the expectation now in those future, and there is a threat that those factors are affected. In other words there is a threat that a risk, uncertainty to be concerned with and the other factors bring a largely different result about achievements in the future of the Eye PlusPlus Co., Ltd., a management result, financial affairs contents. When it is put to individual investors, we ask so that we perform future information and those interpretation with a self-responsibility, and it is judged. In addition, next is nominated for the risk mentioned above, uncertainty and an example of other factors.
* Japanese U.S.A., Europe, China and the situation of the safety level examination of the other countries
* Japanese U.S.A., Europe, China and a trend of politics / the economy of the other countries
* Electronics machinery and the change of the supply and demand for the part
* The innovation that the change of the exchange rate is rapid and a price / the technical competition of the new product
* An expense burden by a product or some kind of defects / defects about the service
* Earthquakes outbreak of the natural disaster