Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!

Message from the President

Japan has about 310,000 visually impaired and it is said that about 100,000 of those are all blind people. The white walking cane that it is still called a white walking cane to rely when the visually impaired goes out alone is a main tool. You must secure your safety with the one white walking cane at the time of the walk, but live in serious situation because you might fall down and hit not to be able to avoid an obstacle precisely . On the other hand, there is the guide dog, too, but supply does not catch up with demand, and it is finally rank beyond 1,000 now in Japan.

In the living environment of such visually impaired, I developed (AuxDeco) as a tool to support so that I added to security, and it was possible for an action to be more safely. It is a device letting instead of looking with eyes I use the sense of touch nerve of a forehead and take in the situation of the very front. You usually use the sense of touch nerve of the sun that is not used very much, and it is not an easy thing to take in form and the position of a thing displayed by electricity stimulation there precisely. I am enabled only after I take appropriate training from AuxDeco trainner which received the qualification authorization.

AuxDeco is not a device giving danger. Because it is a device taking in the thing which a physically unimpaired person watches with eyes with a forehead, I judge it from myself whether the thing which I took in is dangerous. In other words you are not usable if there is not the independent spirit of the visually impaired. It is the device which an agenda through the forehead helps only after it is possible for the judgment that what is by oneself.
AuxDeco is not the thing which is usable for recognizing a dangerous thing. The visually impaired can offer and I understand it without the thing which I did not understand if I do not touch it by hand can touch it and understand the thing which cannot touch it directly I have not experienced it so far world to the various places of all blind people particularly.

With a warm heart and a devoted effort of all of you, many visually impaired use AuxDeco precisely alone and pray for growing richer on daily life.

Eye PlusPlus, Inc.
President-Director Yonezo Kanno