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Woman Ms O, 20 generations resident in Tokyo ,accident

I took walk training, but it was uneasy for me to go out and almost acted with a family. But my family had a work so I only could go out several times a month.
Father watched on TV of AuxDeco and told me about it.. The training had ten times in all. .At the beginning indoor training went smoothly, but when outside training , I felt much stimulation and wondered if I could master it and if not I would stop training.
Outdoor training began; and to the third “Is this way I should do”…I became to understand somehow and then came to gradually understand a forward state. Various things came to be found in last before than a cane touched.
A family followed me anxiously even if I come to use AuxDeco at the time of going out, but I almost alone now to go out.
Acquaintances increased after going out and many thoughts grow in myself what I like to do.