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A male Mr. S (a musician) pigment degeneration of the retina , 30 generations resident in Tokyo.

When I was a university student, I lost my eyesight completely. It is degree to understand for me whether indoor electricity is on or not now. When I was able to see , I was not conscious, but I lost my eyesight, and a walk was not able to enjoyable..
It is very hard for me to walk with a white cane. I walk to rely on a sound, but it is hard to know the direction of the sound on a rainy day. I do not understand it at all if I put up my umbrella. I hit the bicycle which is stopped on the sidewalk because I lost my direction and it is difficult to go to the place even if I knew the place.
Because AuxDeco knows the edge of the way, I can walk along the direction of the way. It saves me very much on a rainy day.
Because I understood it before eyes immediately what it was , it came to be avoided. The direction where I should advance to because I know the direction where the way extends to . Anyway, it decreased markedly to feel a chill.
Because I knew the direction where the lane of the bowling extended to, it was thrown a ball to the direction. Though I lost my eyesight and gave up the bowling that I liked before, it seems to be possible if I practice it again and I am so glad.