Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!

Mr. K (a company executive) diabetes retinopathy、 50 generations resident in Gifu.

I went blind two years ago. Since then I’ve never been out. Only once a month my family led me by the hand to a hospital on taxi.
Being in my room all day with TV on, I heard AuxDeco by a program of the morning and I called the staff of the company and asked if I was able to refer it on the Internet
A step is small while training at the beginning, but one step gradually grows bigger and. I walk by a normal step now. I came to know a sense of direction , way lengthens I serve. The reason is because I did not understand myself where I stand till then.
I use AuxDeco every day now. I go to the company in this way every day. There is the place that it is hard to know on the way of the commuting. But I go alone.
I was able to walk taking within 20 minutes even though took me more than 30 minutes before.
I lost my eyesight and intended that “my life was already over “. Till I use AuxDeco I stayed indoors all the time.
But now it is entirely different .