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Woman for 50 generations Ms H, resident in Saitama (self-management): Acupuncturist)

Pigmentary degeneration of the retina.
Going out was always only with a white walking cane. I was wondering if I could go out on a fine day in the daytime because I felt dazzling.
When I go out touching with a white walking cane, but many times I was bumped against
things or walls. When I walk outside, I concentrate all nerve and walk. I felt a degree of leaning or a curve of the ground only with feet..
The training of AuxDeco did around four or five times of the beginning in the room, but I doubted if I could master it.. When I sensed the circle written on the floor in front of the elevator in the corridor. I sensed the movement of the opening and closing of the elevator door, and uphill stairs . I was moved for joy.
It has passed five months since I began to use it.. I do not wear it in the room, but I wear AuxDeco by all means on around four times a week on a fine day and use the white walking cane and go out all day by myself for more than 30 minutes.
Comparing with before, going out became very easier. I used to bump against a thing and the wall , but can now walk far without bumping a thing and the wall . Information such as the movement of a person walking curve and wall of the slant corner is conveyed to a forehead as a signal.
I would say that signal is conveyed to a forehead and feel so much different since I use AuxDeco. When I felt a signal on a forehead, I know there is something there. Therefore I come to relief because a signal disappears when it moves and stops at the right or the left. Stimulation of AuxDeco is a substitute for sight, a substitute of eyes. I will continue using AuxDeco in future.