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A male Mr. T (an office worker) pigment degeneration of the retina 、30 generations resident in Nagano.

While I was walking with using a white walking cane, I used to hit the frames of the door and without a cane touch anything was impossible and inconvenience.
I live outside of downtown, and there are many places I cannot touch with a cane, no walls, no steps, and there is few sound information so that I cannot step forward nor walk straight , and I was unable to judge which direction I faced on.
I was able to walk straight without touching walls anything when I used AuxDeco.
I recognized that I became a trapezoid when I became the lozenge when I turned a quadrangle and horizon it and remembered time seen in childhood.
I found a design on the floor, and I caught it, and I walked, and it was only an impossible thing, but I used AuxDeco , and it became possible for the operation of the button of the elevator which went around the circumference to touch the table if not seen all. I understand it which direction a way extends to, and what can walk straight is really splendid.
When I walked only with a whitewalking cane, I was able to rely on only the appearing thing of the sound, however the sound opens and echoes and disappears by an instant.
The point AuxDeco does not open and reflect by continuous stimulation . I can walk to rely on even the thing which does not appear of the sound.