Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!

About AuxDeco

AuxDeco is a walk assistance tool for the visually impaired whom Tokyo University and Eye PlusPlus Co. developed jointly. You can feel on forehead a white line and a pedestrian crossing pulled in the continuing movement, ground such as a thing in the distance, a person or the car as if you totally see them by “AuxDeco”. We received consumers’ satisfaction of AuxDeco because it can get safety and enjoyment of walking , whose information couldn’t get by using the white walking cane. We like you to watch about technology of AuxDeco , which is the world’s first invention. (”technology of AuxDeco”, “structure of “AuxDeco “a characteristic of AuxDeco”, “the training of AuxDeco”)

“AuxDeco” uses the sense on forehead the same way as reading Braille with the sense of touch of the finger-tip and takes in the scene of at hand. Don’t you like to try to take in for the sense on forehead
We hold experience meetings using AuxDeco in order to introduce and understand “AuxDeco” for more people. At this meeting you might surprise from the experience that you can understand the shapes and the movement of simple figures in front of you not touching but wearing AuxDeco.. . Furthermore, it is possible for the outdoor experience by the guide walk wearing AuxDeco with an application in advance.
More information about “an experience meeting” wearing AuxDeco experience. ( link to “the free trial corner”)
Eye PlusPlus Co. sells hardware software for the visually impaired developed and sold by each maker. More information about a deal product. ( link to the “IT article page for visually impaired person”)When the visually impaired purchases an everyday life tool, the application of the payment system that assumed each city and district municipalities a window is possible. Which hardware software is an application object? The maximum amount of money? Since each self-governing body differs, please refer to each city and district municipalities.