Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!


The characteristic of AuxDeco can recognize 1.objects in the distance. 2. consecutive movement 3. planar information. There are specific content that these characteristics help and voices from the monitors who actually used AuxDeco (all blind people) as follows.

1. Recognize objects in the distance
AuxDeco doesn’t have a limit of the distance. By pointing a camera in addition the environment of the surrounding area, direction and form are able to sense even though these are far from reaching with bare hands and the white walking cane.

[A voice of the monitor]
■ can predict danger earlier than a white walking cane, and security increases
■ can advance with an object in the distance as “a landmark”.
■ can recognize existence and the position of a bicycle on the roadside
■ can recognize a position I stand and direction of the way.
■ I do not lose my direction
■ can pass by without hitting a door frame and the pillar
■ can hold straight out a hand to an object
■ can pick up a lost article.

2. Recognize consecutive movement
AuxDeco can sense moving things such as a person or a car by the stimulation that continued. When it is hard to recognize distance and a course by the sound of window and echo, it helps to acquire the information in such environment

[A voice of the monitor]
■ can walk in pursuit of a person going ahead.
■ can recognize a person lining up and a person standing.
■ can stop and stand right behind a person at a stoplight.
■ can recognize the opening and closing of an elevator and the door of the train
■ can recognize comings and goings or not of people

3. Recognize planar information
can sense a pulled white line ,pedestrian crossing at the crossings that it is hard to cross at the place as a shopping area and station surrounding with a white walking cane.

[A voice of the monitor]
■ Using the white line of the pedestrian crossing, I can cross the way safely
■ Can walk even there is no wall or steps to touch with a white walking cane.
■ can walk straight even on the narrow alley following a white line along the roadside

4. Recognize a thing at near distance
☆ In addition, it is a big characteristic of AuxDeco that can confirm a thing (dangerous materials) which even a thing near does not touch and a thing (filthy things) which do not want to touch it without using bare hands and the white walking cane.

[A voice of the monitor]
■ In a public toilet, I can confirm placement such as a position and the form of the toilet stool, the paper without touching it with bare hands.
■can sense size and form and appreciate even the display which is not touchable by hand at museums