Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!


Process of the development.

Yonezo Kanno of the founder paid his attention to using the forehead of the visually impaired from the beginning in 1998 and continued studying it and acquired a patent by technique to use a forehead as substitute means of the retinas in October, 2003. In addition, he studied a sense of touch sensor by the stimulation electric since 1970’s and developed his laboratory and with Dr. Susumu Tachi,, a professor of Tokyo University graduate school information science and technology acquired many patents about the sense of touch presentation by the electricity stimulation. Kanno and Dr.Tachi, Tokyo University laboratory started a collaboration based on technology of “Smart Touch” which Dr. Hiroyuki Kajimoto (assumed assistant professor at University of Electronic-Communication telecommunications department in September, 2006) of the Tachi laboratory developed in September, 2003. And as more practical use model and more effective comfortable electricity stimulation developed some trial products of the sense of touch presentation device by the electricity stimulation, and finally in September,2005 as a practical model. Forehead Retina System (FRS) was developed showing by electricity stimulation. Under the guidance of American FDA in FRS in U.S.A. was renamed as Forehead Sensory Recognition System (FSRS). Before we produce in the market, we named it “AuxDeco” (means see on forehead (Odeko de miru in Japanese) to become more familiar with Japanese people.