Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!


AuxDeco uses substitution for sense organs technology to recognize a thing with a sense (the sense of touch) on forehead. A small camera built in a headband takes in view before the eyes of the person of wearing. The image of view taken in is converted into sense of touch information by electric stimulation. As for AuxDeco, the visually impaired will become a sight representation system without the need of the surgical treatment for the total blindness in particular by receiving an appropriate training program.

Forehead stimulation
The substitution for sense organs by the electric stimulation has been suggested from1960’s, but it is the rational technique that this method to assume forehead as stimulation part. Wearing and taking off is easy, and the coordinate system conversion in the brain is much easier than attaches it to the other parts of the body,

Image transaction
The image information acquired with processing camera is converted into sense of touch information through two transactions. It performs spatial outline extraction to emphasize outline information by the first processing. By the next processing, time band bus filters performs to emphasize information of time change. These are the processing that is performed at the real retina. AuxDeco facilitates the image understanding in the brain by imitating preprocessing pro-real sight.

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