Support for the visually impaired to enhance your quality of life!


A forehead sense perception device of the visually impaired

1. Photograph front with a miniature camera
Photograph front with a built in miniature camera.. Front is the direction where the camera faces that is the direction of the face of the user. The user establishes a direction to photograph by turning a face to the direction that he or she wants to “look” at.

2. Convert the picture which was photographed into electric stimulation
The picture which was photographed is sent to a small computer (the following main bodies). At first extract the outline of the picture which has been sent in the main body. And convert the outline which was extracted into electric stimulation.

3. Sense stimulation with a forehead
The outline converted into electric stimulation outputs from 512 electrodes attached to a forehead part of the user. The user senses output outline stimulation for the sense of touch of a forehead.

4. Image the front of the tip of the white walking cane.
The user images forward space from a position, movement and form of the stimulation that sensed with a forehead. While walking with a white walking cane you feel safer if you get information of the range that does not reach of the white walking cane.